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This second guide is where I completed the information in regards to my journey to healing.  Book 1 of Food of the Gods, was to incorporate all of this information but it was getting so large and the decision had to made to separate it into two parts. Where the first book left off is where this one picks up and finishes.  If you have the first Food of the Gods cookbook and guide then get this one to have the complete information with the instructions for using charts, exercises etc...

My journey was and is quite interesting as the way I was able to heal my body is unorthodox in every way.   But that is the beauty of the mind and my journey to do something unthought-of and have it work.   Re-evaluating so many things that I had allowed to become a part of me was a challenge.  From my relationship with food, people, and to my relationship with the inner-me had to be evaluated and totally broken down.  My journey may not be something everyone will be able to take and endure but everyone should take the journey for themselves. It’s thought-provoking, and it’s a challenge to what you may be accustomed to.  Mostly, within this journey, it will allow you to place your mind and energy anywhere but on the dis-ease of your body.

The energy of the Orishas is throughout the pages as I heal myself through the chakras.
This is the completion of my health guides with great information and big bold and beautiful new recipes.


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145 pages, US Letter, Standard Color,  Perfect Bound, or Coil Bound with a Glossy Cover

This purchase comes with the bread course plan

FOOD OF THE GODS: A Holistic Health Guide - Book 2
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