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Cooking for Health with Timah is about being hands-on and connecting with your food more healthily and preparing natural foods from scratch. No pre-made freezer dishes or food from a can. We want you to consider Soul Food in a whole new light.


This is Timah's take on soul food in a whole new way. In 2006 our mom was diagnosed with bleeding fibroids and doctors couldn't stop it but she did by alkalizing her mom's diet. Then in 2008, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer after having surgery,  which took her life on May 2, 2009. Shortly after her father succumbed to the disease of prostate cancer. Towards the end of 2010 beginning of 2011, Timah was found to have fibroids as well and was able to rid her body of them naturally.


Timah promotes holistic health on her YouTube channel: Cooking for Health with Timah.  It was started in 2011 but she didn’t get serious with it until 2017. She uses family recipes that have been altered and she creates original recipes mostly following Dr. Sebi’s food recommended food list for alkalizing the body.


Timah's recipes are plant-based, using alkaline non-hybrid food that allows the body to become remineralized without pills, etc...  Eating in this way does not include anything with a circulatory system or any food types that are man-made, hybrids, or genetically modified. If you want to start a healthier eating lifestyle, begin by detoxing your system and substituting various foods like rice with quinoa, fonio, or even with wild rice.

Timah loves mushrooms but they can be heavy with ammonia which is not good for the healing body so be sure to add seaweed to your diet in the form of the Kelpz Seaweed and Seasoning formerly known as Kelp for Shrooms TM season to help eliminate toxins.

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