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Ancestral Roots, Herbs and Spices TM


Some of the book production facilities are experiencing delays due to COVID-19 closures and travel restrictions around the world. At this time, we’re asking that you be patient with printing and shipping.

This is the first cookbook I ever wrote. The recipes are based on Dr. Sebi's recommended food list.

Choose the 1st-run book, meaning there are slight typos and print errors., content page numbering is off slightly. This is the 85-page original book from 2017.

*Original book of 2017 with error corrections such as content page numbering and typos., 85pages. 

*Revised Edition of 2019, 103-pages added several recipes i.e., nachos, pancakes, updated and added photos, etc...

The recipes in Ancestral Roots, Herbs, and Spices are bold, vibrant, and gorgeous. You will find many recipes in which some show how to cook with mushrooms.

Going meatless and alkaline was the best decision Timah ever made. Timah, aka Timah-Artist Extraordinaire, was once a meat eater and often broke out with eczema and had developed fibroids. During her mom’s bought with fibroids then cancer, she decided to go meat-free and alkaline for health benefits. She found that it was surprisingly easy to get big tastes and colors into meat-free alkaline dishes without compromise, and she also noticed an improvement in the way she felt as she no longer had eczema issues and was ridding herself of fibroids.

The emphasis in this amazing cookbook is on meat-free recipes first, and foremost on flavor.

Published February 2017

Perfect-bound, softcover cookbook 

Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm), 103 Pages, Color Standard, Glossy Cover

from $10.50 -  $17.50

Please Note: During high-demand seasons such as Holidays and back to school, print times may be slightly longer than average estimated print times.

Books are printed on-demand at printing facilities around the world. This means, when you place your order, we print it. While this process is very efficient and environmentally friendly, it can take just a bit more time before your order ships.

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