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The Divine Feminine: BODY MIND INNER SELF - Workbook

The Divine Feminine: BODY MIND INNER SELF - Workbook

The Divine Feminine: BODY MIND INNER SELF - Instructional Workbook is a complementing assistant to "My Complete Journey: Holistic Health Guide & Cookbook" and a great stand-alone that helps you explore the divine feminine within yourself working out inner demons and, discovering how we are being manipulated through our emotions.


Timah A.E. is a solo practitioner of energy work and has cataloged and released several books about holistic health. Her writings on healing, and self-improvement through inclusionary energy work through the chakras and Orishas and have been praised and featured on various platforms since her emergence as an upcoming author in 2017. Her books encourage building one’s abilities as a healer by incorporating one’s own culture and personality into their ritual work through an eclectic approach to health and ritual work.

Timah’s style of healing sheds the dogma of the late 20th century and teaches a more realistic and arguably more traditional type of naturalism and ritual work.

Studied at Tuskegee University, Wayne CCC, IADT Chicago


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139 pages

Dimension: 8.5 x 11 full color


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