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This 28-Day Fast Holistic Health Guide and Cookbook-Volume 2 is the perfect resource for all women looking to harness the power of plant-based nutrition to heal fibroids. Featuring easy-to-follow recipes and a comprehensive health guide, this volume will help you to nourish your body and reduce skin ailments. Ideal for those looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle, this cookbook will give you the tools to make healthy and delicious meals that will promote your overall health and well-being.


This 28-Day Fast Holistic Health Guide and Cookbook - Vl 2 is here to help you win this war! This comprehensive guide features the latest research, tips, and exercises to help you restore your body, mind, and spirit to a state of optimal health.


2. My holistic approach to health is designed to help you unlock the healing power of nature, while also providing you with delicious and nutritious recipes to nourish your body.


3. This 28-Day Fast Holistic Health Guide and Cookbook - Vl 2 is the perfect companion for anyone looking to heal from fibroids or any other physical or spiritual trauma.


4. By following my comprehensive guide, you will learn how to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that can reduce inflammation and improve your overall health.


5. Order my 28-Day Fast Holistic Health Guide and Cookbook - Volume 2 today and take the first step on your journey to a healthier you


Hi, I'm Timah and I offer a comprehensive approach to health and healing fibroids with my personal journey surrounding fibroids and spirituality as a guide, I will share with you my unique alkaline recipes and healing tips to help you restore balance and energy.


In my guide, I offer examples using my traumas and spiritual warfare as a tool so you can find yourself and heal as I did.


This guide is organized into sections and chapters


This guide will have you very active in your healing

Includes workbook. The Divine Feminine: BODY MIND INNER SELF

Where vol 1 ends vol 2 picks up.


Be sure to start with volume 1 for the 49-day total fast

If out of stock get the bundle here: Vl 1 and 2



​139 pages,

US Letter,


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