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No Myomas Since 2014 Holistic Guide and Cookbook Vegan Plantbased Easy Recipes

No Myomas Since 2014 Holistic Guide and Cookbook Vegan Plantbased Easy Recipes



*Written in 2018-2019

* Revised Version

* Bk 1- 134 pages, Bk 2 - 139 pages

* US Letter, 8.5x11", Standard Color,

* Perfect Bound or coil bound with a Glossy Cover


    Most books go out within 1-3 business days of purchase. The coil-bound books are typically out of stock because of their popularity. They can take from 5 days to 4 weeks to get back in stock and ship out.

  • Live Support Sessions

    Take part in a series of onsite live sessions specific to guiding you through the health guide to aid you on your journey. The goal is for each of us to have success.

    You must have an updated email on file. Be sure to have your book on hand to follow along. This is a free session for you.

  • What is A Proof or Promotional Copy

    Proof copies are snapshots of how the book would print before it goes through a quality review. It may have grammatical errors, or formatting issues, so make sure you are clear on what this is before you order your book.

    Proofs are different from regular copies. They may have a "Not for Resale" watermark on the cover and no ISBN. During printing, a unique barcode is placed in the lower right-hand corner of the back cover. If there is an image or text on this part of the cover, the barcode will cover them. The cover and title may be different. Other than that everything else is the same except the version of information if there was an update. In such a case updated informational sheet will be included with your purchase

    Promotional copies are printed primarily for promotional purposes as the cover reflects its intent. The information in the book is identical to the final copy.

    Ask before you purchase.

PriceFrom $30.38
Excluding Sales Tax
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