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My sample pack contains all of my original flavors. Take your quinoa to another level with my Ancient Grains Spice. Compare the sweet heat of the Vegan Grill Marinade against the Royal Grill Vegan Marinade. Mix Kelpz Seaweed and Seasoning and King Oyster Mushroom Marinade for the ultimate experiment. Taste test away!


Kit includes 1 full- size of each:

1. Ancient Grains Spice

1. Vegan Grill Marinade

1. Royal Grill Vegan Marinade

1. Kelpz Seaweed and Seasoning

1. King Oyster Mushroom Marinade

instructions or options on how to use

NET WT 09.5oz

Full Gourmet Season Sample Pack Gift set

PriceFrom $32.00
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