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Royal Grill Marinade

Royal Grill Marinade

This Royal Grill Marinade is a unique and delicious blend of vibrant herbs and spices. It features classic ingredients like arugula, ginger, shallot, and more. With this marinade, you can customize the flavor and depth of your grilled dishes, so you can go light or heavy to get the perfect flavor. Enjoy a flavorful party in your mouth with this Royal Grill Marinade


Use at least 1 tbsp or more of Royal Grill Vegan Marinade in your dish.
For use with mock meats, mushrooms, chickpeas, or jackfruit. For seitan use 2 tbsp per cup of gluten flour.
Put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or longer for extra flavor.  Add a little oil as a baste as it cooks or grills. Enjoy!


Item sold is what is described. Comes in a rice paper resealable pouch. 


size 1.5oz = 1 pouch per purchase

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