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Organic Baby Chickpeas aka Chana Dal and Besam Gram

Organic Baby Chickpeas aka Chana Dal and Besam Gram

Laxmi Organic Chana Dal, Brown Baby Chickpeas, Organic, Pesticide and Fertilizer Free, Earthy and Nutty Flavor, Nutrition Packed Legume, Grains from India (2lb)
* **These are black baby chickpeas with the skin removed and split in half. They can be found in Indian stores, International market places, online, etc... 


***They are a resistant starch. It's a type of starch that does not break down in the gut allowing it to build up good bacteria in the colon as it ferments.
A healthy gut also plays a role in a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums or that bad breath you may have.
On the flip side to much of a good thing can cause gas and bloating.


***Original Packaging


***"Pulses. You can easily store rajma, chole, arhar dal, urad dal etc., at home and cook, eat them anytime. Since pulses have no expiry date and are also rich in nutrients, you can easily include them in your daily diet."


***Should be picked, if needed, and cleaned prior to use.

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