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My seasoning contains 6 types of seaweed: Chondrus crispus, wakame, and more which are all naturally high in iodine. I also used onion, and cayenne, and other natural spices that are from Dr. Sebi's recommended spice list.  If you have allergies to iodine or any ingredient consult your physician before placing an order.

How to Use

Use 1 tsp of Marinade per king oyster mushroom. or 1 tbsp per cluster or 7oz. Mix a little in some oil and brush over mushrooms as they cook or grill. Put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or longer for extra flavor. Be sure to cook all of the water out of your mushrooms.


* Boil mushrooms and add 2 tsp to water. Next, put in a skillet and saute to cook out water. Add a bit more seasoning if you like.

A great option would be to marinate your toppings for a See-food pizza, (smile).

Add a dash or two to your salads or as a base for your vegetable broths. Experiment and go wild with it in your greens! Although there is no salt added, there is a salty taste from the seaweeds.



Use for portabello, oyster, maitake, shitake, or crimini mushrooms.  It can also be used on real meats like fish, shrimp etc..

Allergin: iodine, seaweed

Kelpz seaweed and seasoning | 92 minerals

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