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Re-branded and Imagined, Kelpz

Re-branded and Imagined, Kelpz™️ seaweed seasoning. Natural seasoning for natural food eaten by natural people with natural ingredients. 🥰 Get yours today. Use it as a base for broths, in your greens, hot cereal, on mushrooms for a sea taste, in mock meats, or even on your salads. No salt added as of 2018. The salty flavor is from the various seaweeds.

The taste is still as great as ever. Chondrus crispus, wakame are just two of the seaweeds in my seasoning. The initial branding was too limiting as this can be used in many dishes and recipes.

I only use various herbs from Dr. Sebi's recommended list. Originally launched in 2017.No salt added as of 2018. 🥰 🥰 😋👀

Coming Soon.

Chondrus Crispus whole leaf, Chondrus Crispus and Bladderwrack blend powder, and Wakame whole leaf.

I will not carry the Gracilaria seaweed as Dr.sebi used Chondrus Crispus in his packs. I do however us it in my personal dishes for making cheeses, ginger chews etc...

I searched far and wide until I located a proper certified organic carrier. I use it as well as others use it and it's the real deal. The two seaweeds have a completely different smell and taste. If you have ever had Dr. Sebi's blend you'll know this is the correct seaweed or sea moss. Let me know what you think about doing pre-orders for it.

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Dominique Curry
Dominique Curry
Sep 15, 2021

Love it.

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