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Healthy Genitals and Uterus

Many of my supporters know that I healed myself of uterine fibroids some years ago. This journey was quite interesting and not always easy and I learned a lot during it. I told the story of how I learned I was with them and of my mom. I was healing her until she decided to have surgery to remove the mass. Her bleeding had completely stopped and her eyesight was much better. Mom didn't need glasses anymore. She wasn't patient though and a bit vane. I say vane because she was too concerned with her outer appearance as many women are and not patient enough to allow the fibroid to dry up and dissolve on its own. Hince, there was the surgery.

To get the bleeding to stop her diet had to be drastically altered and her system flushed. My research led me to try various things with her from turmeric to sage etc.

The turmeric was so new to her system it seemed as though it kick-started the healing process. During that time, she would have fresh dandelion tea with burdock. Dandelion tea is also a diuretic and helped to flush her body of toxins along with providing nutrients. The burdock is demulcent and it helped with any constipation and vaginal issues. She had a bout with a urinary tract infection so, she also used tart cherry juice to clear it up. I always had her taking these drinks on an empty stomach several times per day.

She enjoyed the taste of the red raspberry and I created a special blend that worked wonders along with a fresh dandelion tea blend. These are what I used for myself as well. Raspberry is great for uterine health and can possibly stop or lessen bleeding on its own if the bleeding is from a heavy menstrual cycle. With fibroids red raspberry wasn't strong enough on its own.


Burdock root


Red raspberry



In one of my Fibroid Diary videos, I showed a tea blend that I also used called, Camas Prairie. Mom also was using this after her surgery as they had told her she now had cancer that metastasized to the stomach. One of the herbs in the blend is named, Rhubarb, it has a laxative effect another is the burdock. There are several herbs in the tea. It's supposed to be good to use for those with cancer and it helps clean your blood.

Earlier I mentioned the need to flush out Mom's system and I also did this along with her. Typically, this is done with 1quart of water with 2 tablespoons of sea salt for the magnesium. I used the sea salt but mom had a more delicate system and overloading her with salt could've been dangerous so she had lemon juice in her water with a tbsp of magnesium. This was drunk first thing in the morning, several times a day, and through the week with no food. Well, the liter was taken just that once with salt and the remainder of the flush was a cup of water with lemon, cayenne, and had a sweetener like molasses or maple. This did wonders within the hour or so.

1 quart of water with either 2 tablespoons of sea salt or magnesium upon waking up

1 cup of water with 2tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp sweetener, 1/8 tsp cayenne 3 times per day for a week, 7days.

Lime is more acidic than lemon so we didn't use it.

Meditation was used to keep ourselves calm and from focusing on the ailment. This journey allowed me to alter my thinking in so many ways. I'm not the same person from back then and it took a bit of digging to pull out this information as I intentionally allowed myself to forget. Forget is what I will do again as it's no good to continue to hold on to anything that does not serve me any longer.

How I Healed My Body/ Food of the Gods: health guide and cookbook was not supposed to have been written as I didn't want to provide

anything that would allow someone to focus on an illness. As it was being written I zoned out to connect to my creative space and pulled out of it the most helpful information I could provide for others to follow. All without allowing the reader to have a dis-ease on the mind giving it energy.

The book was supposed to be larger and I'm still working on the second book to complete it. In it, you'll find various herbs for the uterus, genital, and upper stomach. Several of my meditations and a few exercises along with plenty of original recipes of foods I ate and eat with some changes in vegetables.

Sea vegetables are a staple in my diet not only because I enjoy the taste but it removes toxins from the body. Seeing how I eat a lot of mushrooms during colder months that's when I stock up as sea vegetables remove ammonia the mushrooms may create within me.

The way I eat is not 100% Sebian as I healed myself before I learned about him although I wrote my first book based solely on his food suggestions as I was already eating those foods anyway, save for one or two items. It's more like 90% to 95%. I eat everything on the list plus a few that's not and I never worry about something I can't locate or what I put in my body.

When I wake up I meditate, exercise which is usually yoga, and have some water, tea, or chlorophyll. The tea blends I used for healing I offer on my site in the form of a strong tincture. They sit and make for almost a year some longer. That way a few drops are needed in an ounce of water several times a day. It's often sold out before the next batch is finished making. I use them once or twice a day as maintenance along with burning incense or oils for my relaxation. Some I even vape. It's

important for me to stay stress-free so I laugh, play games, travel, tell jokes or watch a great movie. For my mental health, I don't use social media as much which is more like a social experiment. To be social, I'm actually social. I visit family and friends and make new friends. I'll even put out a video on occasion for my YouTube supporters to enjoy.

Well my friends I have enjoyed sharing with you and maybe you have enjoyed reading and gaining some valuable information.

I'll finish up my tea and until next time. PEACE!


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