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Finding and Keeping Motivated

Do you ever wonder what makes you tick? Or why you do – or don’t do – certain things? What does it mean to be motivated?

Motivation is a concept that influences nearly every aspect of our lives, including academics, business, and fitness. It is fundamental for success.

Why then is it difficult at times to stay motivated? What’s the secret? How do you get it? How do you lose it? How is your motivation going to work out in 2023? To keep a few goals you set?

Motivation originates from the Latin word movere, or “to move”; it’s defined in part as something that impels or induces action. It’s a guiding force for our behavior, one that can help us meet our most basic needs or propel us forward, inspiring us to find a deeper meaning in life.

Did you start this year motivated to have optimal health? Or, not so much? Most people start the year with about 25 days of sticking to their goals and then it fizzles. So, what does it take to keep at it or pay attention to when a shift is needed to keep motivated in other ways? Present-day scientists associate motivation with dopamine, the neurotransmitter that controls our sense of pleasure and reward. Accomplishing things generally feels good and tends to encourage us to do more. Psychologists categorize motivation into two types: extrinsic and intrinsic. I read a research paper on this very topic and it was fascinating information to study. Extrinsic motivation comes from external forces – think money, status, trophies, and other physical rewards and recognitions. It can feel affirming, but it’s usually fleeting. It tends to be driven by a desire to impress other people and gain prestige. Intrinsic motivation originates from the inside, and it’s influenced by our values and deep desires. It’s integrated into our identity and correlates with our purpose. We derive pleasure from the task itself. Think running because you love to run or solving business problems because you love both questions and answers. It can be powerful, long-lasting, and a meaningful force because it stems from who we are. It’s what drives us to follow our passion. It comes from the inside and our desires. Understanding who we are and what matters is key in the process of knowing what motivates each person. Every person has their own story, DNA, personality traits, and ways of being motivated…there is no right or wrong answer. Take some time to answer these questions: What are your strengths? Your values? Your feelings? Your goals? What do you want to get from your life? What do you want to give? Motivation. Movere. To move. It begins with you. 2023 is about you and studying what you really want. Motivation guides nearly every choice you make, and when you take the slightest, smallest action, you shift and take things to new levels. So, when you get off the couch and walk the neighborhood instead of watching another show...a small decision has been made and motivation has started which can create goodness in one’s optimal health. When you see a good habit start to take shape and know it's value it makes you desire to see the results and confidence comes so you stick with it...that’s motivation. It’s also about getting results and I like that word for you and me. After taking some time to research the topic of motivation, here are a few good takeaways to read and ponder:

  1. Build a schedule that works and begin. Get up and move. Do something to change your energy. This one really resonates with me and it works!

  2. Spend time understanding the intrinsic for you...the why. For example, if you want to tone the need to take some time to know the how-to and why to get there. The meditations in book 1 have 3 meditations and various exercises for the pelvic floor and sacral toning.

  3. Be specific. What is it you want to achieve? Set some concrete, attainable, and measurable goals. One is better than none, but I like to give a goal to a category or set three so they can be obtained. For example, I’m going to meditate once a day. It’s specific and obtainable if you do it.

  4. Start small and make it doable and sustainable.

  5. Make it fun. Smile, don’t take it too seriously, and don’t overwhelm yourself. Take tiny steps that connect with your bigger picture. Remember that creating a synergy of goodness is a good thing...your body and mind delight and stay motivated when you enjoy it.

  6. Do what works to stay motivated. I find for me being around other positive people and influences makes me stay more “into” it. Who is on your team? Who “pumps” you up? Who helps you be consistent?

The important thing to remember is that motivation comes and goes, but discipline lasts forever. Your hard work pays off and resets happen at times that take you to levels. It’s all a part of the journey. And to remember once you start seeing and feeling the benefits of what you are trying to be more consistent with like a regular exercise schedule, for example, you’ll naturally feel more motivated to stay fit and healthy. Happy 2023! Take a moment to set your schedule and make a plan.

This self-help cookbook/ holistic health guide is a great example of how I healed my body through motivation and dedication. It has 3 chapters for a 21-day fast with original recipes, my exercises, full body detox, graphs, charts...and a worksheet that is used for each chapter. It's a motivational system. This is the first of 2 cookbooks/ health guides. Some of the recipes are laid out magazine-style while others aren't. Volume 2 has four chapters which is a 28-day fast. Together both guides provide a 49-day fast as they work together. Where vol 1 ends vol 2 picks up.


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