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Damaged Cells via Food and Radiation.

With radiation, the cell becomes toxic and excrete debris in an attempt to heal itself. The same with food toxicity. The debris is pus/mucus which is called the "virus". We forget we learn this stuff in grammar school. I guess it's all the distractions of living in this world.

When it's radiation poisoning you're not supposed to come into contact with that person less you get exposed as well.

In the case of exposure, you're isolated to see if you will express any of the symptoms which could start off like a cold, flu or even pneumonia. Then depending on how dire your symptoms are is how you're treated.

Radiation poisoning comes from all technology. The processors move really fast now so it moves through and out you quickly. This is why it's always important to keep your immune system up and why I post what I do.

Not everything I recommend is what's recommended on Dr. Sebi’s list. Like when he started

everything that's now on the list wasn't there and he was helping people to heal themselves. I have found that other things have worked for me in addition to the list. He is most appreciated for what his aim was for people. Dr. Llaila O. Afrika is another man I really respect in this field as-is Bobby Hemmit, Hon. Farad Muhammad, Dr. Jewel Pookrum, and Queen Afua.

Thanks to Stacy Elmore for the image.


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