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BONZOUDA PIZZA for da weekend.

This is an oven-baked and broiled pizza. For this, I marinated the toppings for several days. The oyster mushrooms were boiled and seasoned I don't eat these raw so, besides the mushrooms, you could eat this pizza with raw toppings.

Thanks to Tyrone I made this meatless crumble for my pizza. It's portabella mushrooms, walnuts, and seasons stir-fried. I gave it an Italian sausage taste with seasonings like thyme, savory, sage, basil, fennel, and a little cayenne.

For the dough, I used garbanzo flour and rye flours with a little homemade coconut curd.

Now that the toppings have marinated, they have a deep flavor from the seasons which makes this an ideal partially raw pizza. If you don't know already from watching my videos, oyster mushrooms are my favorite. Yes, you can definitely use your favorite mushroom or combination thereof.

I finally got my cheeze to melt without using any types of starches like tapioca. The spots are the seasons I used. The recipe is below and in my cookbook.

For this pizza, I used a walnut based cheese, and my coconut cheeze is better known as Coco-Rella. You could use Ty's Brazil nut cheese sauce or your favorite mock cheese sauce.

This heap of what looks to be flesh is walnut meat after blending. I seasoned this like my mom would her sausages. I used sage, cayenne, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and basil for a pop to the taste.

I used homemade coconut curd in my dough to give it a nice fluffiness. It's a substitute for using yeast. In its place baking soda could be used or sparkling water. Cook it in the oven for 15mts at 350 degrees. Turn the off oven, remove and cover with a lid. This keeps the bread soft.

Moving on to the next steps of putting the mock cheeses on the dough first then adding the toppings.

Since the dough is already cooked either eat it as is or put it in the oven and broil for 3-5 minutes.

Enjoy it with a cup of hemp milk.


Go Get the cookbook. Click the image.

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24 oct. 2021

I've made several of these already sista. Your pizzas are my go to for the weekend.

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