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How I Healed My Body/Food of the Gods -Book 1

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This is a journey on how I healed my body. This book has recipes I created, my exercises, and detox..... I wanted a big and beautiful book to show off how I healed and maybe you'd be able to do it as well.


My transformation has been such a great one and my mind, body, and spirit are at peace. I hope as you travel throughout the pages you'll feel the peace and love I put into every recipe and information. I'm very excited and I can't wait for you to take your journey with me.


This is the first of 2 cookbook/ health guides with big bold and beautiful recipes. Some are laid out magazine-style while others aren't.


*Written in 2018-2019

​* Published 2020

* 137 pages,

* US Letter, Standard Color,

* Perfect Bound and hardcover


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