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Meals Delivered

Vegan Braise/Roast

C.H.T. ships it's famous vegan roast This is a vegan Slow-Cooked Braise. 100% plant-based meat alternative which gets nicely crusted. This is meat-free braising perfection.  


  • Vegetables: red onions, black olives, tomatoes.

  • Made of Kamut and Spelt Seitan, jackfruit, and various herbs and spices

  • Not Gluten-free

  • Approximately, 8 - 10 inches long 2lbs

$55.00 + priority shipping 1-3 days

or get the Braise/Roast Kit

Please place your orders Monday thru Thursday............. Orders Ship the Following Monday. Any orders coming in after Thursday will not ship the following Monday but will have to ship 2 weeks out Monday. Please place meal orders separate from other orders.

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