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North Atlantic Bladderwrack


Bladderwrack is brown algae and a great source of natural iodine. I soak it in spring water after cleaning it to get the thick mucilage. This mucilage can then be added to various recipes. This brown alga has pods that look like bladders.

Let the bladderwrack sit in water so some of the mucilage is extracted then drink the water or add to recipes. Blend it with hot water for a very thick gel-like consistency.

You should wash your seaweed to remove sand, small pebbles, shells, and urchins from the ocean. It can also have the carpospores attached. It is a white patch showing the plant was fertile.

"A word of caution: With great power comes potential dangers, so if you suffer from hyperthyroidism, then you may not need an extra boost of iodine. Also, some people are allergic to iodine, so large amounts of bladderwrack could be very dangerous. Finally, if you are having surgery in the near future or suffer from a bleeding disorder, you should avoid bladderwrack, as it can make blood clotting more difficult. "

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