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"What can I use your season on?"

Use in soups, on mushrooms, greens, rice, on salads anything

you wish. It's great for making mock crab cakes

and other mock sea type non-meats. Be creative.


“What’s in your seaweed season? I have allergies”

Our season contains seaweed which is naturally high in iodine. We use onion,  cayenne, and other natural spices and herbs that are from Dr. Sebi's recommended list.  NO SALT IS ADDED. The salty taste is from seaweed only. If you have allergies to iodine or any ingredient from Dr. Sebi's list consult your physician before placing an order or let us know.

We use Seaweeds from the whole plant. Cleaned, dried, then powdered. We never use pre-powdered products everything is made from scratch.


“What is your refund policy?”

Unfortunately, refunds are not accepted on any of our products. 

We do offer store credit.


"Is your Seaweed season safe to eat?"

Yes, our seaweeds come from reputable companies. They have

some of the highest quality of organic freshwater sea vegetables

available on the market.  Click >>>


$6.00 2.3oz

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